The full diagnosis

21 days since injury

Exactly three weeks after the injury, I have a diagnosis.

The ACL is gone. Either I tore it in the injury, or it has loosened over time and possibly torn in a previous incident. The repair could need two surgeries if the previous tunnels are too wide.

If two surgeries are needed, the first will be to bone graft the tunnels and make them suitable for an ACL graft. It will then be a 4-month wait while the bone heals, and then the ACL reconstruction surgery.

The medial meniscus is torn at the root, which is fairly good news as this is repairable, and the success rate is good.

There is also lateral meniscus damage, which I am also told is repairable.

Mr Barkalali will repair with a quad tendon graft instead of the hamstring graft, which is different to my previous two repairs. This is due to my hamstring already being used for a previous graft.

I am devastated, but at least now I have all the info.

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