My name is Carey. I am 41 at the time of writing and am facing a third ACL reconstruction surgery.

This is a place mainly for me. Writing about the experience helps me to process it and stay motivated.

I also want to help others going through the same challenge. It can help to know you are not alone, and I have some experience from my previous recoveries.

I am happy to say that I recovered 100% from my previous operations. It may not be the same this time, but I am confident and will give it everything I have got.

If you take any advice from my writing, please do know that I am not a medical or physical therapy professional. Your journey could be different, and I can only speak from my own experience.

During the recovery and in life, I try to remember that my future self can handle the final outcome. If I give up some or all sports, it will make room for something else that can be just as good or even better.

At the very worst, I will grow stronger from the experience and learn more about myself. All I can do is put one foot in front of the other and take the next step.

My inbox is always open, and I am happy to offer you some support. Drop a comment on one of the posts, or use the contact page to get in touch with me.