Heat, needles, and electricity

128 days since injury
66 days since surgery

It’s over two months now since surgery, and I have been walking with full weight bearing for at least two weeks.

I started to walk a lot more and increase my walking pace. It feels like a small thing but it’s all part of gently increasing the activity levels.

Ferran, my new physio here in Spain, has been excellent. He has been patient with my endless questions, and I can already feel progress from the treatments.

He has used a range of techniques and machines already, including heat treatments, direct vibration, and electrical stimulation.

This physio treatment involved small acupuncture-style needles connected to an electrical source.

The focus was on the stiffness caused by the quad tendon, where my new ACL graft was harvested.

There is scar tissue and excess fibrosis that needs breaking up.

It was less painful than it looks!

Today I started with the in-house fitness trainer Jose, who will take me through my physio exercises in an hourly session, twice per week.

He did a full body assessment to check for weakness, inbalances, and the areas we need to work on. I can see already he has great knowledge and is passionate about his work.

I feel like this is a great way to get the treatment – I now have one or two weekly passive physio sessions with Ferran, two weekly training sessions with Jose, and they are communicating on my progress.

That means any issues Jose sees with the training is reported to Ferran for possible treatment, and vice-versa.

I really feel this setup is the best for my recovery right now.

It’s a great start to the year, and I am feeling positive.

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