Daring to dream

101 days since injury
39 days since surgery

I spent some time down at my local kitesurfing club today, and I expected to be a little down after. It’s hard to watch the sports you love when you can’t get involved.

I feel the opposite. I feel inspired after seeing what I am working hard for. It motivated me to be better than before – fitter, stronger, and more dedicated.

It is a bitterly cold December day in St Annes, England… but I would still love to be out there.

In four days, I will officially be taking off the brace and putting down the crutches for the last time. But, the truth be told, I have been taking a few unassisted steps already.

I also started pedalling on my Assault Bike. My range now must be greater than 90 degrees and I can pedal a full rotation on the bike with a raised seat.

Everything feels good. There are a few clicks and clunks when bending my knee, but nothing consistent. I don’t feel any serious pain except for a bit of stiffness.

It is too early to say how the recovery is going. I will know for certain if the meniscus repair holds around the three-month mark.

But, so far, the signs are all good.

To me, it looks like the swelling is the same as it was one or two weeks after surgery. It swells when I do physio or if I am on my feet, and comes down when I am icing it.

The ice machine has really helped. I do at least 4 sessions of 30 minutes a day, and usually much more.

It’s still very warm to touch. This must mean there is a lot of healing still to do.

It is a big week coming up. I will start walking fully on Monday with the guidance of my physio. Then I will see my surgeon on Wednesday for a 6-week checkup.

After that, it is Christmas weekend. I stopped drinking alcohol shortly after the injury, about 3 months ago. As a mini celebration of the first milestone, I am planning to have a few drinks with friends and family.

I am already thinking ahead of Christmas to the next stage of recovery. Now that I am able to increase cardio and load through the knee, it will feel like real progress.

For now, I am going to enjoy this next couple of weeks. And I will dare to dream.

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