Sessions in Spain

192 days since injury
130 days since surgery

It is now over 4 months since surgery. Since moving to Spain at the beginning of the year, I have been doing twice-weekly physio sessions focused on exercises and training.

Jose has been expertly planning and guiding me through each session, challenging me enough to make great progress without risking any problems with the knee.

I feel stronger every week, and for the last few weeks (since the PRP Injection), I haven’t felt any real pain or discomfort.

A few days ago I recorded one of these sessions, and here is the video with a breakdown of the exercises further down:

A full physio session video with exercise details.

My next major goal is to start running. We will progress the box jumps over the next few weeks, and I have an appointment to see my surgeon in April with a follow-up MRI scan.

If everything is fine then I will start running around the middle of April, which is about 5 months from surgery.

Until then, I am continuing to train almost every day and trying to stay patient.

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