The lowest point

22 days since injury

Deep down, I already knew how bad this injury was, but it was finally confirmed yesterday. I was devastated then, but today feels like the lowest point.

I have been focused only on the next step. The last three weeks have been busy with appointments, changing plans, and thinking through the possibilities.

Now, today, it all hit me at once. The length of the recovery, the possibility of further complications, the energy it’s going to take, and the decisions I need to make about giving up sports.

Many people go through this and much worse. I have been through it twice before. But, at this moment, it felt like an unbearable weight.

My mind was turned to worst-case scenarios. Long recovery times, inability to do sports and total knee replacements.

I spoke to my friends, family, and girlfriend. There were tears. Afterwards, I was glad to get it all out.

That feels like the lowest point, and now I am ready to start climbing up the mountain.

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