Prehab and patience

17 days since injury

I started doing some basic prehab almost straight after the injury and for the first time since it happened, my left knee feels almost normal.

Bending the left knee past 90 degrees feels fine and I can reach full extension with some stiffness.

If I hadn’t seen the MRI scan, I would have hoped that the damage was minimal. But I can’t and won’t fool myself – I am almost sure there’s an ACL rupture, and I only need my surgeon to confirm.

I have been up and down since the injury. In the beginning, I had a lot of determination and felt ready to power through the long recovery. Having had more time to process it, it has felt overwhelming.

There will be more ups and downs. All I can do is have patience and focus on the next step in front of me, which right now is today’s prehab session.

I work out my prehab/physio/exercise sessions and print them out. This makes sure I do the right things and helps me keep focused and off my phone.

This is my first set of prehab exercises that I will follow through with six days a week until surgery:


This is a Google Docs file that you can access online, download, print, and/or make a copy of for yourself. The exercise notes are a bit rough, so if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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