Recovering from ACL Surgery

A personal journey of recovery from ACL Reconstruction Knee Surgery.

Latest Recovery Journal Updates

  • Time to push hard
    There is a lot of work still to do and now is the time to ramp up the work.
  • Don’t be a hero
    A visit to my surgeon, a pep talk and some words of wisdom.
  • The Silence of the Knee
    My physio in England finds and fixes the knee clicking.
  • The halfway mark
    This is, hopefully, the middle of my full recovery.
  • Click Clack
    My knee started to audibly click at full extension, and today I had it checked out.
  • Sessions in Spain
    A fly-on-the-wall video of a physio exercise session in Spain.
  • Dreams and nightmares
    Dark morning emotions have given way to dreams of the sport I love.
  • A special injection
    Three months after surgery I got a PRP injection to boost the healing process.
  • Full range achieved
    My new knee can now extend and bend fully.
  • Heat, needles, and electricity
    A new physio in Spain brings new treatments.

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