Running target set

251 days since injury
189 days since surgery

The next milestone is in sight!

I have decided with my fitness trainer Jose to start running on 4th June, about two weeks from now.

It feels great to have this target ahead of me, even though it has taken a lot longer to start running this time around.

After my first two ACL surgeries, I started running around 4 months after. This time, with more knowledge about the healing, I know that it is not worth taking the risk.

The ligament and knee are still healing and starting to run too early could stretch the ligament and introduce instability. There is no reward for me to start running early – I am not getting back to a professional level of sport and there is no real urgency to get back.

Whether I start running at 4 months or 6 months doesn’t matter to me – I still can’t do my sports, like kitesurfing, until around 9 months.

That being said, it is a psychological boost to start running again. At that point it feels like you are almost back to normal and it gives you a lot of confidence that your knee will actually recover fully.

I have another two weeks of hard training, and the next chapter begins.

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