Time to push hard

223 days since injury
161 days since surgery

I am now back in Spain after a short visit to England, to see my surgeon and catch up with my physio.

It’s now getting close to 6 months since surgery and, if I am being honest, I feel like the progress has been slow.

During my previous ACL reconstructions, I had already started running by this stage and was planning my return to sports. That feels a long way off this time.

José, my fitness trainer in Spain, gave me a wise perspective on this. He explained how professional athletes aim for 9 months or less to return to sport, but this is a risk because the knee and ligament are not yet at their strongest.

The professional teams will usually take a gamble here, especially if they need the player for crucial matches.

What is the point in me taking that risk? I can wait another couple of months and there is no medal for returning early.

That being said, now is the time to start pushing hard.

I have the green light from my surgeon to say that everything is healing nicely. I have no real pain or swelling, but I have a lot of strength to build.

We haven’t set a target date yet, but my next goal is running, and that should be in about four weeks.

Time to step it up.

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