ACL Recovery Milestones

Last Updated: 27th April 2024

This post is a log of my main milestones after an ACL rupture and surgery.

I had ACL reconstruction surgery on 7th November 2023. The surgery also included lateral and medial meniscus repair and is the second surgery I had on my left knee.

For the first six weeks, I am in a locked knee brace and on crutches.

First Physio Session
Six days after surgery, I had my first physio session.

Coming off Painkillers
Ten days after surgery, I came off the main painkillers (Codeine) and lowered the paracetamol/ibuprofen.

Removing the Bandages
Ten days after surgery, I had the wounds checked and we removed the main bandages.

Zero Degree Extension
Less than two weeks (13 days) after surgery I measured 0-degree knee extension at the physio.

Knee Brace Set to 60 Degrees
After two weeks, my knee brace was set to 0-degree extension and 60-degree flexion.

Stitches and Staples Removed
After 15 days, my friend Lisa removed the stitches and staples. All the incisions look healthy and clean.

Knee Brace Set to 90 Degrees
After four weeks, my knee brace was set to 0-degree extension and 60-degree flexion.

Started Static Cycling
After just over 4 weeks (39 days), I can use my assault bike to start static cycling.

Walking and Brace Removed!
After 6 weeks I am allowed to walk without crutches. I have also removed the brace and have no restrictions on knee extension or flexion.

Surgeon First Checkup
After just over 6 weeks, I saw my surgeon for the first checkup and an x-ray. Everything is fine and on track.

First Long Walk
After 8 weeks, I walked for over 90 minutes without pain or fatigue.

Full Range Achieved
After 2.5 months, I now have full extension and flexion in my knee.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injection
After 3 months (exactly 90 days), I had a PRP injection to help the healing.

First Jumps
After 3 months and a week, I started jumping. This is the first of more dynamic movements and loading of the knee.

Surgeon Follow Up and MRI
After 5 months, I had an MRI scan to check the progress and a follow-up with my surgeon. Everything is healing well and on track.

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