The recovery continues in Spain

118 days since injury
56 days since surgery

I am now in Spain for a few months and will continue my recovery here. I plan to move here eventually and am starting the process this year.

Matthew, Jamie, and the team at Jam Physio have been excellent but I can’t bring them to the continent with me, so I have been figuring out how I can continue the recovery here.

The first challenge was finding a good physio in this area. After contacting a few, I felt confident with Árvore Clinics and went today for my first appointment.

They are very knowledgeable, positive, and friendly. I felt in very good hands straight away and everything was communicated well. We went through the history of my injury, the surgery details, and I explained the progress so far.

My physio Matthew and surgeon Mr. Barkatali in England gave me plenty of information to hand over, and that helped to get things moving quickly.

In this first appointment, we already started with an ultrasound to check inside the knee, vibration therapy and deep heat treatment for the stiffness.

They are keen to see me twice a week and increase the intensity of the treatment. In the meantime, I am consistently working on cardio and physio exercises.

There is still a long road ahead, but I can see the progress and am feeling positive right now.

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