The halfway mark

210 days since injury
148 days since surgery

Time flies.

It is now over 5 months since surgery, and this marks the halfway point to full recovery.

So far, my recovery feels on track and normal, but not exceptional. I have put a lot of effort into daily physio, daily cycling, alternative treatments, supplements, and more… yet it still feels like I could be doing more.

My physio and trainer say I am well on schedule. I can see and feel the progress, but it’s small and slow at this stage.

Earlier on in the recovery, there are milestones that you can really notice like increasing the range or taking the first steps without crutches.

But at this stage, the gains are small, like extra weight on hip thrusts or smoother box jumps.

At the 5-month mark the muscle definition is good, but still behind my unoperated leg (right).

I can feel the strength difference and it is getting stronger, but it’s slow progress.

This week I started again with the EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to encourage more growth.

In a few days, I will see my surgeon for a checkup, including an MRI scan. This will hopefully show that the meniscus has healed well, and will give the green light to start running soon.

That will be the next big milestone and will give me the confidence to push my knee harder and start focusing on returning to sport.

There is a long way still to go, and I am trying to stay patient.

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